Flyover’s Fireside Chat with Verusen Founder and CEO, Paul Noble

Below is the latest in a series of interviews with the Founders and CEOs of Flyover portfolio companies. Every quarter we sit down with a Founder/CEO to learn more about their company, their personal background, the industry they operate in, their thoughts on entrepreneurship, and maybe even some fun facts!
This quarter, we spoke with Paul Noble, Founder, and CEO of Verusen.

Paul Noble
Founder and CEO of Verusen

About Verusen: Our platform helps global supply chains understand, optimize and trust the data for the materials they use to run their operations and produce their products.

HQ: Atlanta, GA

Industry/Vertical: Operating in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing space. Working with customers in industries such as Pulp & Paper, CPG, Food & Beverage, Textiles, Construction, Utilities, and more.

Flyover: Paul, tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Paul: I spent 12+ years in the Industrial Supply Chain working with and selling to global manufacturers and asset-intensive supply chains. I became passionate about launching my own organization to improve the availability of easy-to-use technology for optimizing the supply chain for materials management. Since founding Verusen (previously known as “Autit”), I have been very thankful to be part of the Atlanta Tech community.

Flyover: Why did you found Verusen?
Paul: During my 12+ years working in the supply chain, I saw there was a major issue with how the data for physical materials was represented across systems, inhibiting how supply chain networks worked effectively at scale. After feeling that pain for many years as a supplier, I left my corporate gig and started the company to build a technology to facilitate an intelligent, connected supply chain and change the way supply chains work.
Flyover: What is the core problem Verusen is solving for its customers?
Paul: We solve data, system (e.g., ERP, EAM), and process-related issues, which inhibit data quality and business-related outcomes of inventory and the procurement of materials. We eliminate traditional data cleansing methods and use our purpose-built AI technology to quickly automate, scale, and learn across global supply chain networks.
Flyover: What is the biggest challenge facing the supply chain industry today?
Paul: Most Supply Chain organizations are handcuffed by very old, traditional data cleansing methods. We continually must challenge organizations to change their traditional mindsets and think innovatively. We have to show them that the traditional data cleanse process is a band-aid solution that doesn’t capture the full ROI opportunity, and to let our purpose-built AI work for them!  
Flyover: Verusen is based out of Atlanta and has been actively involved in Atlanta’s startup community. What makes Atlanta a great place to start a technology company in your opinion?
Paul: Atlanta is branding itself as a Supply Chain city based on the Fortune 500 companies that call the city home. This along with an emerging startup ecosystem and talent pipeline from Georgia Tech positions us well as we plant our roots and build the next great $1B+ business!
Flyover: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since founding Verusen?
Paul: Culture is key when building a transformational business and never deviating from the core principles that drive that for the business. As we grow our team, I plan to remain focused on prioritizing the culture of the team.
Flyover: What is the over-arching goal for Verusen?
Paul: The goal of Verusen is to achieve a more intelligent, connected supply chain built on confidence in data. We want to provide our customers with real-time visibility to their harmonized, de-duplicated materials data, making people and their supply chains more efficient.
Flyover: What excites you the most about the future of Verusen?
Paul: The foundation we are laying for customers allows us a unique opportunity to harmonize and consume digital goods data while understanding the byproducts of that data in the form of verified demand signals to trade across the network and optimize inventory, procurement for materials.
Flyover: What is the best way for readers to learn more about Verusen or connect with you?
Our website:
On LinkedIn
On Social Media, @Verusen_AI

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