When I met Paul Jarrett, co-founder of Bulu Box, for the first time, there was something special about him that I can only describe as having chutzpah. As I got to know him and his team, it was clear that he had deep industry knowledge and was on to something with Bulu Insights. However, it was his team’s dynamic and dedication to building a strong culture that pushed the Flyover partners and me toward leading their last round.

I’m often asked what type of characteristics are important for a founder and team to demonstrate, and for me, it’s about three things: connection, coachability, and culture.

Founders that have a real connection to the problem they’re solving – their ability to viscerally react to a pain point – cannot be underestimated. It is how they inspire their team, endure the grind day after day, and drive decisions on how the company iterates on solving the problem. At the end of the day, founders who are empathetic to the problem are those who are going to figure it out.

Flyover isn’t a firm that just writes checks, but looks for opportunities in which we are able to build valued-added relationships. Relationships are about the value exchange between those involved, and we get incredibly excited to work with founders who are as excited to work with our team.

Whether in baseball or Bulu Box, founders that are coachable – actively listen, hungry for feedback and ask questions – are those that we want to play with everyday.

Lastly, if you talk to Paul for more than three minutes, you understand how important team and culture are to Bulu Box’s success. They are a team that is passionate about the company they are building, brings their A-game everyday, and is supportive of one another. Having support and a team that is pulling in the same direction is a sign to us that they are headed in the right direction.

A technology-enabled, subscription based model that has a data analytics play was very attractive to the Flyover partners; however, it was Paul and his team that moved us towards signing the dotted line. We’re excited to be partnering with the Bulu Box team and helping them become a technology success story.

Why Flyover?

When people ask me why Flyover and why now, it’s a simple answer – we want to play a part in solving one of the most talked about challenges that tech entrepreneurs face in the region: early stage funding. Ultimately, it is time to fill the void and enable founders and teams to build the next generation of successful tech companies across the region.

Mike, Tom, Keith, Marty – my partners in Flyover Capital – and I have known each other for years. We have all walked in similar shoes as many of the founders we talk to that have put blood, sweat, and time into building and launching products and services. We’ve had our fair share of winners and losers and understand what it takes to start, build, grow and exit successful technology companies.

So when we sat down together, we believed we could bring together the right team with the right mix of operating and investment experience – and frankly, the scar tissue from in our past – and could create a venture investment firm with the potential to leave a long lasting impact. We knew if we could address the funding gap in the seed and early stage space and do it in a way that was helpful to all entrepreneurs, whether we invest in them or not, we’d be onto something.

Fast forward to today and we’ve already made three investments – Opendorse, Innara Health and Bulu Box – and working through our pipeline daily. We’re still at the beginning stages of the journey. However, what excites the partners and me is the ability to provide capital to promising founder-driven companies at a time when they most need it then being able to work hand-in-hand with those teams to build great companies.

“Hand-in-hand” isn’t just a phone call, but frequent dialogue and rolling up our sleeves to help our founders get from point A to B. Ranging from strategic positioning to talent acquisition to customer growth and partnerships, we’re a combination of sounding board, guidance counselor and, when needed, a provider of straight-talk.

At the end of the day, we want Flyover Capital to play a role in creating the next generation of tech success stories in the region and, in turn, provide a scalable, disciplined way for investors to participate in the rapid growth of technology companies in ‘flyover country.’


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